In WA, fluoride levels in the water are 0.6mg/L to 0.9mg/L.
This amount of fluoride protects your teeth by rebuilding damage from acid attack, and is an important part of your tooth health (whether you know it or not!).

If you drink BOTTLED WATER, often there is no fluoride (unless it is naturally occuring in the spring water source).

If you drink FILTERED WATER, fluoride is not filtered out.

You can get fluoride from your toothpaste - don't rinse your mouth out after brushing, but spit out the majority and then let the fluoride sit on your teeth (and soak in - like a face cream!).

In case you freak out about the fluoride in the water, it is less than 1ppm (part per million).
Toothpaste is generally 1000ppm to 1500ppm.
Kids' toothpaste is generally 500ppm for under 6s.

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